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Servicing your machine is a very important part of your daily, weekly and monthly routine. To keep your machine in perfect condition for years to come you must have a maintenance schedule in place for all users.

After every service we complete we will leave behind our recommended service steps for your users to maintain the machine until we come back for the annual service. 

Our annual service normally takes 90 minutes to complete and consist of the following

  • Draining, flushing and replacing of chiller water.

  • Check and clean all mirrors and lens.

  • Alignment check and re-align.

  • Check and lubricate rise and fall bed runners.

  • Check and lubricate all bearings and runners.

  • Check belt tensions and adjust if needed.

  • Check and clear bed from debris.

  • Check lid cut off and flow switch.

  • Update health & Safety 

  • Run test file for quality assurance.

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