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Experienced Engineers

Quality Service

Affordable Prices

Your laser is your life!

We know just how important your laser is to you and your business.

Every machine we work on is cared for as if it was our own!

Services we offer

We repair all makes and models of Co2 Laser machines from desktops to flatbed.

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Co2 Laser Tubes will lose power over time due to contact use. Our engineers can show you what life is left in your tube.

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To keep your machine in perfect working order we recommend a service every 12 months.

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Buying a machine off the used market can be daunting. Why not let us install the machine for you for that peace of mind.

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Keeping your lens and mirrors clean and aligned can make a huge difference in your work.

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We are hugely proud to be a supplier new machines to the UK marketplace. 

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